This section is part of the Backpacks Mod by Eydamos.

Workbench BackpackEdit

A Workbench Backpack is a Backpack that acts as a portable Crafting Table. The Big Backpack version even has a small amount of inventory to store items, and those items can be used to refill the crafting grid.

A Crafting Table is required to craft this item, but otherwise the recipe is the same as that of a normal Backpack or Big Backpack. Workbench Backpacks can be crafted by placing Leather or Tanned Leather around the edges of a 3x3 crafting grid, and placing a Crafting Table in the center-most block.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Workbench Backpack
Workbench backpack

Leather x8

Crafting Table x1

Big Workbench Backpack
Big workbench backpack

Tanned Leather x8

Crafting Table x1