This section is part of the Bibliocraft & Add-ons mod by Nuchaz.

Wooden Label (Bibliocraft)Edit

The Wooden Label is an item from the Bibliocraft & Add-ons mod that acts as an alternative to Item Frames. Unlike Item Frames, a Wooden Label can display up to 3 items.

The GUI can be opened by sneak+right-clicking on the Wooden Label. Each slot can hold one unique item in a stack size of up to 64-- so technically, the Wooden Label can hold up to 192 items.

Wooden Labels can be crafted out of any type of wood, including wood from other mods supported by the Bibliowoods add-on. This does not impact the function in any way, but does change the visual appearance of the Wooden Labels, allowing greater customization.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Wooden Label

Wooden Slab x6