This section is part of the Weapon Mod by BalkondeurAlpha.

Warhammer (Melee Weapon)Edit

The Warhammer is a Melee Weapon from the Weapon Mod. It can 

be crafted out of wood, stone, iron, gold, or diamond.

A warhammer to squeeze a slime!

Attack Speed: Slow
Knockback:* Large
Block Damage: Huge, depends on crafting material

Type of Warhammer Damage on Impact
Wooden Warhammer 4 damage
Stone Warhammer 6 damage
Iron Warhammer 8 damage
Golden Warhammer* 4 damage
Diamond Warhammer 10 damage
*Knockback is increased on any weapons crafted out of Gold.Edit

Right-click and hold to charge a super ground smash, hurting surrounding mobs. The explosion power is determined by the materials used to craft the Warhammer. There is a 20 second cooldown between charges.