This section is part of the Better Archery mod by Zaggy1024

Vanilla Minecraft Bow (Better Archery)Edit

Bow (normal)
Grid Bow
Mod Better Archery
Type Weapon
Durability 385
Ammo Arrows or Quiver

The Better Archery mod removes the normal crafting recipe for the vanilla or "normal" Minecraft Bow. The new recipe requires leather padding in the middle. The modified recipe is shown below.

When any bow from the Better Archery Mod loses all of its durability, it becomes an Unstrung Bow. Unstrung Bows can be repaired by drawing back the bow when you have three string in your inventory. The string will be consumed in the process.

The only change to the mechanics of the Bow itself is that it can now use Quivers from the Better Archery mod to increase the type and amount of Arrows to shoot with. You can still use the Bow as you did in regular Minecraft if you wish.

Note: This bow cannot currently be used to craft a Crossbow, as it has a different item ID than the recipe requires. Bows dropped from Skeletons or found in chests should work, however, as long as they have the original item ID from vanilla Minecraft.

Crafting RecipeEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Vanilla Minecraft Bow

String x3

Stick x3

Leather x1