This section is part of the Bibliocraft & Add-ons mod by Nuchaz.

Typesetting Table (Bibliocraft)Edit

The Typesetting Table allows players to save and retrieve Signed Books. In order to save a Signed Book, the Signed Book must be placed in the lower-left corner. The player will then see a red book, which can be sneak+right-clicked to save it. Saved books will turn blue.

It is recommended that you equip Reading GlassesTinted Glasses, or a Monocle from the Bibliocraft mod when using the Typesetting Table, as it will create a visual marker for each of the areas you can interact with.

Creating a PlateEdit

Right-clicking on the top of the Typesetting Table (between the 3 large squares) will open the saved book menu. Click to choose a Book, and insert an Empty Chase into the top-middle square of the Typesetting Table. Then, the player needs to apply a Redstone pulse to the table. A simple method of doing this is to place a button directly on the front of the Typesetting Table and press it once. The Redstone pulse will trigger the creation of a Plate based on the previously selected book.

Plates are used to copy books in the Printing Press.

As of version 1.3.0, it is possible to save an Enchanted Book on the Typesetting Table to create an Enchanted Plate which can be used in the Printing Press.

The ChaseEdit

The Chase is used on a Typesetting Table to make a Plate. An empty Chase is required to craft the Typesetting Table.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Typesetting Table

Iron Ingot x2

Chase x1

Wooden Slab x3

Wooden Plank x2


Wooden Slab x4

Iron Ingot x1