This section is part of the Better Storage mod by copygirl.

Storage Crates (Better Storage)Edit

Storage Crates are an inventory management / storage item from Better Storage. Storage Crates are finicky blocks and will only connect to create a combined inventory space if several of them are placed in a cube-like formation or a crate pile. An opened Storage Crate can show up to a double-chest's worth of items at a time, and even if the visible inventory looks full, items can be shift-clicked into the Storage Crate inventory as long as the green bar at the upper right of the GUI is not full.

Unlike chests, it is not possible to organize a Storage Crate, as any objects placed into the Storage Crates will be shifted around randomly between any Storage Crates connected together. As a result, everytime the player opens a Storage Crate, they will see a different set of items.

Creating a Crate Pile (Connected Inventories)Edit

In order to connect Storage Crates, the crates must be placed on the side of an existing Storage Crate block by shift right-clicking. If a Storage Crate is placed on a non-crate block it will not connect, even if it is adjacent to another Storage Crate.

Storage Crates need to be placed in a cube-like structure to create a basic crate pile, and these crate piles can be expanded out on any side. There is a limit to how far a crate pile can expand, and when this limit is reached, any added Storage Crates will simply refuse to connect.

Due to the specific placement requires of a crate pile, Storage Crates are not recommended for portable storage.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Storage Crate

Wooden Plank x4

Stick x4