This section is part of the Better Storage mod by copygirl.

Reinforced Chests (Better Storage)Edit

Reinforced Chests are a storage item from Better StorageReinforced Chests work in the same was as a normal Chest, with the added benefit of being completely resistant to Creeper explosions. Reinforced Chests also possess 12 extra item slots for inventory management.

While the base crafting recipe calls for Iron Ingots, Reinforced Chests can also be crafting using Gold, Diamond, Emerald, or most other metals added by mods (i.e. copper, tin, zinc, silver, or steel).

While the appearance of the Reinforced Chest will vary if different materials are used, the function and basic block properties will remain the same.

Reinforced Chests can be combined into a Reinforced Double Chest by placing two Reinforced Chests of the same build adjacent to each other, in the same way as a normal Chest would.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Reinforced Chest

Iron Ingot* x4

Wood Log  x3

Chest x1

Iron Block x1

*Iron Ingots and Iron Blocks may be substituted for Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Copper, Tin, Zinc, Silver or Steel.Edit