This section is part of the Better Archery mod by Zaggy1024

Quiver (Better Archery)Edit

Quivers are a special type of ammo storage for Bows in the Better Archery mod. Quivers can hold up to four stacks of 16 arrows, allowing for a total of 64 arrows per Quiver! Additionally, differing types of arrows can be held in the same Quiver, so long as they are in separate stacks. Quivers are dye-able, though it is a 2-step process.

How to Use a QuiverEdit

Quiver GUI

Right-click while holding a Quiver in your hand to open the Quiver GUI (seen to the right).

The Quiver GUI allows you to place arrows into your Quiver by dragging them into the empty inventory slots. Alternatively, you can also shift-click on an arrow stack in your inventory to fill as many Quiver inventory slots as possible.

The button in the middle will empty your Quiver of all arrows at once and move them to your personal inventory.

As stated above, each Quiver can hold 4 stacks of 16 arrows, totalling 64 arrows per Quiver.

When a Quiver is equipped, an overlay will be displayed at top of your screen to show the contents of the Quiver. You can switch which arrows will be used as your ammo by pressing + or - to move your selection forward or backward. There are three animation styles available for the overlay that can be altered in the config file.

Quiver overlay

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients

Leather x3

String x1

Bleached Quiver
Quiver dyed1

Quiver x1

Bonemeal x3

Dyed Quiver
Quiver dyed2

Bleached Quiver x1

Dye x3