This section is part of the Better Storage mod by copygirl.

Miscellanous Items and Entities (Better Storage)Edit

Flint BlocksEdit

Flint Blocks are storage blocks that can be crafted to save inventory space, similar to Coal Blocks, Redstone Blocks, Iron Blocks, etc. in vanilla Minecraft. They can be crafted into block form by filling a crafting grid with 9 Flint, and then crafted back into Flint via a crafting grid.

Slime in a BucketEdit

Slimes in a Bucket are easy enough to understand. It's a Slime trapped in a bucket. You can get one by right-clicking a tiny Slime of any type (Magma Cubes, too) with a bucket. Enjoy your new friend!

Friendly EndermenEdit

Friendly Endermen are a peaceful variety of Endermen found in the world. They do not get hostile if stared at, and have a rare chance to spawn wearing an Ender Backpack (Better Storage). The only way to currently obtain an Ender Backpack  without cheating is to place an Ender Chest near a Friendly Endermen so it will pick up the chest and drop the Ender Backpack  on the ground.

Mysterious Angry ChickenEdit

An Easter Egg of sorts added into the mod by copygirl, this chicken can be summoned into the world... somehow. It is a homage to a streamer who used to stream almost daily. There is currently no information on how to summon said chicken, only that it's name bears some importance to the process...