This section is part of the Better Storage mod by copygirl.

Locks and Keys (Better Storage)Edit

Locks and Keys are a security feature from Better StorageLocks can be placed on any Reinforced Chests or Reinforced Lockers to make it harder for would-be thieves to steal your belongings. Keys are needed to craft these Locks, and also to open or remove matching Locks once placed.

Each Key crafted by a player is unique, and can be used to craft a matching lock. Keys can also be duplicated once crafted. To allow for easier identification, Keys and Locks can be dyed, though it is also possible to create a Keyring if you find yourself holding many different Keys.

Keys can be added to the Keyring by sneak+right-clicking while the Keyring is held in the player's hand. Once a Key has been dragged into the GUI, it is added to the Keyring. Right-clicking on a Lock while holding a Keyring or Key will open the Lock. Only Keys can remove Locks from the containers entirely, and the required Key will need to be removed from the Keyring and used directly to remove the Lock. Opening a Lock using a Keyring will cause it to attempt all Keys on the Keyring until one opens the Lock successfully, but it will not be able to remove the Lock itself.

In addition to acting as a neat security feature, Locks will also make any Reinforced Chest or Locker it is placed on unbreakable, though the lock itself may still be broken.

Opening and Breaking LocksEdit

Locks can be opened by right-clicking the Lock while holding the appropriate key or using a key with the Lockpicking enchantment. Locks can also be broken by attacking them with a tool, though the tool will take 2 damage to its durability with each hit. An Unbreaking enchantment on a tool will still have a chance at nullifying durability damage taken from attacking Locks.

The Lockpicking enchantment can also remove Locks entirely from the container, so it is generally recommended to remove the Lock the first time and replace it when you are done raiding the previously locked container, so as not to waste enchantment levels from multiple uses on the same Lock.


Enchantment Item Description
Persistence (I-V) Lock

Makes Locks harder to break and increases the container's resistance to explosions

Security (I-V) Lock Offers protection against key enchantments
Shock (I-III) Lock Damages players trying to open, unlock, or break a lock unsuccessfully
Trigger (I) Lock Makes the block emit redstone when players try to open, unlock, or break it unsuccessfully
Lockpicking (I-V) Key Opens or unlocks a Lock once, then decreases the enchantment level
Unlocking (I-V) Key Has a chance to open more Locks than those which were crafted from it
Morphing (I-V) Key Permanently changes the key into the one that would fit another Lock

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients

Gold Nugget x2

Gold Ingot  x3

Key (duplicate)

Gold Nugget x2

Gold Ingot x3

Key* x1

Dyed Key (1 layer)

Dye x1

Key x1

Dyed Key (2 layers)

Dye x8

Key x1

Gold Nugget x8

Gold Ingot x5

Iron Ingot x1

Key* x1

Dyed Lock (1 layer)

Dye x1

Lock x1

Dyed Lock (2 layers)

Dye x8

Lock x1

*The Key is not consumed when used in the recipes for Locks or duplicate Keys. You will get the Key back once the new item is crafted.Edit


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