This section is part of the Weapon Mod by BalkondeurAlpha.

Javelin (Throwing Weapon)Edit


The Javelin is a Throwable Weapon from the Weapon ModIt can be crafted using two sticks and a piece of flint in a diagonal line. Each crafting recipe creates 4 Javelins.

A javelin to throw at chickens!

Throwing Damage: 4 damage
Stabbing/Melee Damage: 1 damage
Distance: Near
Deviation: Large (very inaccurate compared to Bow)

Right-click and hold will begin aiming the Javelin. Once you've lined up your target, releasing the mouse button will throw the Javelin. The Javelin will be removed from your inventory once thrown, but can be collected from its landing point to be re-used.

If you throw the Javelin with full-power while jumping, you will achieve a Critical Hit.

The model for the Javelin and the Spear are very similar, so be careful not to get them confused!