This section is part of the Plant Mega Pack mod by 10paktimbits

Hanging Plants (Plant Mega Pack)Edit


Hanging Plants are a craftable item from the Plant Mega Pack mod. They can be crafted using flowers, cactus, ferns, and other foliage from the mod. Once crafted, a Hanging Plant requires a Wall Bracket to hold it in place.

The following plants can be used to craft a Hanging Plant:


Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Hanging Plant
EmptyGrid IronIngot EmptyGrid
EmptyGrid FlowerAzaleaRed EmptyGrid Resultarrow HangingRedFlowers
EmptyGrid Bowl EmptyGrid

Iron Ingot x1

Azalea* x1

Bowl x1

Wall Bracket
OakSlab Stick EmptyGrid
EmptyGrid Stick EmptyGrid Resultarrow HangingWallBracket
EmptyGrid EmptyGrid EmptyGrid

Wood Slab x1

Stick x2

*Azalea can be replaced in this recipe with any of the plants listed above.Edit

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