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This section is part of the Weapon Mod by BalkondeurAlpha.

Halberd (Melee Weapon)


The Halberd is a Melee Weapon from the Weapon Mod. It can be crafted out of wood, stone, iron, gold, or diamond. The amount of damage depends on the materials that were used to craft the Halberd.

A halberd to smash a Creeper in the face! You can hit mobs from a bit further.

Attack Speed: Very Slow
Knockback:* Large
Reach: 1 block further

Type of Halberd Slashing Damage Stabbing Damage
Wooden Halberd 5 damage 6 damage
Stone Halberd 7 damage 8 damage
Iron Halberd 9 damage 10 damage
Golden Halberd* 5 damage 6 damage
Diamond Halberd 11 damage 13 damage
*Knockback is increased on any weapons crafted out of Gold.

Right-click to switch to stabbing mode. The halberd will deal more damage, but have a smaller knockback effect.