This section is part of the Bibliocraft & Add-ons mod by Nuchaz.

Golden/Iron Lantern (Bibliocraft)Edit

The Golden Lantern (and it's Iron version) emit the maximum light level of 15, making it equivalent to Glowstone. The base recipe for either lantern will have a white candle, which can then be dyed any of the 16 colors available in vanilla Minecraft. There is no limit to the amount of times a candle can be re-dyed.

Golden and Iron Lanterns come in 3 different styles, depending on the angle the player is placing the item from.

  • If placed on the bottom of a block, it will display the ceiling model and hang from the block above it.
  • If placed on the side of a block, it will display the wall model and resemble a sconce.
  • If placed on the top of a block, the Lantern will display the floor model and rest on top of the block.

The floor model is the style shown by default when held in the player's inventory.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Golden Lantern
(base recipe)

Glass Pane x4

Gold Ingot x2

Glowstone Dust x2

Torch x1

Golden Lantern (colored candle)

Golden Lantern x1

Dye x1

Iron Lantern

Glass Pane x4

Iron Ingot x2

Glowstone Dust x2

Torch x1