Fresh Water
Mod HarvestCraft
Type Other
Stackable Yes (4)

This section is part of the HarvestCraft mod by MatrexsVigil & Rhodox.

Fresh Water (HarvestCraft)Edit

Fresh Water is an item added by HarvestCraft for use in several different recipes. It can be crafted by placing a Water Bucket in a crafting grid. Each crafting recipe creates 4 barrels of Fresh Water.

Fresh Water has no hunger value and cannot be consumed. Fresh Water also loses the ability to be placed/picked up when crafted, unlike the Water Bucket in vanilla Minecraft.

It is worth noting that a Water Bucket can be substituted for Fresh Water in most recipes.

Fresh Water can also be placed in a Presser to craft Bubbly Water, which is used in Soda recipes.

Crafting RecipesEdit

EmptyGrid EmptyGrid EmptyGrid
EmptyGrid Waterbucket EmptyGrid Resultarrow Freshwater
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Fresh Water RecipesEdit

The recipes that use Fresh Water are: Dough, Marshmallow, Salt, Steamed Peas, Taffy, and Tortilla.