Fresh Milk
Mod HarvestCraft
Type Mob Drops
Stackable Yes (4)

This section is part of the HarvestCraft mod by MatrexsVigil & Rhodox.

Fresh Milk (HarvestCraft)Edit

Fresh Milk is an item added by HarvestCraft for use in several different recipes. It can be crafted by placing a Bucket of Milk in a crafting grid. Each crafting recipe creates 4 barrels of Fresh Milk.

Fresh Milk has no hunger value and cannot be consumed. Its only use is in HarvestCraft recipes as an ingredient, and Fresh Milk is used in the crafting of several other staple ingredients, such as Butter, Cheese, and Heavy Cream.

Soy Milk and the Milk Bucket from vanilla Minecraft can be used as an alternative for Fresh Milk in all recipes.

Crafting RecipesEdit

EmptyGrid EmptyGrid EmptyGrid
EmptyGrid Milkbucket EmptyGrid Resultarrow Freshmilk
EmptyGrid EmptyGrid EmptyGrid

Fresh Milk RecipesEdit

The following recipes use Fresh Milk: Banana Nut Bread, Beet Soup, Cake, Cheese, Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Milk, Coffee Con Leche, Cornbread, Heavy Cream, Hot Chocolate, Ice Cream, Pancakes, Plain Yogurt, Red Velvet Cake, and Waffles.