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This section is part of the Better Storage mod by copygirl.

Ender Backpack (Better Storage)Edit

Ender Backpacks are a portable storage item from Better Storage. As the name implies, Ender Backpacks connect directly to the inventory of the player's Ender Chest. Just like the normal Backpacks, Ender Backpacks can be worn in the chest armor slot and will show up on the player model's back when equipped.

Ender Backpacks cannot be crafted, and require special means to obtain in Survival mode.

If a player dies while wearing an Ender Backpack, the backpack will drop as a block and not an item, protecting the backpack itself and all the items inside from despawning.

It is also possible to open an Ender Backpack being worn by another player if you stand close enough, though the inventory GUI will close if the player wearing the Ender Backpack moves or turns around.

How to Get ItEdit

Ender Backpacks can only be found in the End and appear on the backs of random Endermen. Killing the Enderman will not drop the Ender Backpack, so a more round-about method is needed to retrieve the Ender Backpack.

Place an Enderchest on the ground near an Enderman wearing the Ender Backpack. If all goes well, the Enderman will pick up the Enderchest and drop the Ender Backpack on the ground in block form. From here, you can equip it just as you would a normal Backpack (breaking the Backpack while sneaking).

It is very important that you are sneaking when you break the Ender Backpack. If the Ender Backpack is broken while the player is not sneaking, it will teleport away.

How To Use ItEdit

The Ender Backpack can be used as a block or an item. Wearing it in the chest armor slot or opening it from the player's inventory will treat it as an item and open the Ender Backpack's inventory space directly from the hotbar or an assigned key. The default hotkey to open the Ender Backpack while wearing it is B. If the Ender Backpack is in the hotbar, it can be opened by right-clicking while the Ender Backpack is being held in the player's hand.

To unequip the Ender Backpack, the player must right-click on the ground with an empty hand.

An Ender Backpack placed on the ground can be accessed just like a normal Ender Chest. Similarly, you can also access the Ender Backpack while an Enderman is wearing it.