Here is a compilation of Talk pages and Templates for anyone wishing to help edit the Wikia.

Talk: PagesEdit

Talk Pages are where editors can discuss changes and planned updates to pages. This Wikia currently has the following Talk pages:


This is where I will post all of the Templates needed for new pages, or to add new elements to older pages.

Please, do not edit these Templates directly! Unless otherwise specificed, use {{subst:Template:TemplateName}}on a blank page to generate an editable form of the Template.

Replace Template:TemplateName with the name of the Template you are attempting to use.

Starting a New PageEdit

Adding a Recipe Grid to a Page Edit

Adding a Navbox to an Existing PageEdit

Use {{Template:NavboxModName}} at the bottom of a page to add the Navbox. If using a base Template from the Starting A New Page section, this step is not necessary, as the template pages already include the Navbox.

Editing Navbox ListsEdit

Any new Navboxes should be created using the code from Navbox Testing.

To ensure that the style code stays consistent, only alter text following:




Group values are the headers that appear on the left of the Navbox.
List values are the items listed on the right of the Navbox.

Groups and lists can have any number after them. Only lists and groups with values after = will be displayed.

Use {{MidDot}} between listed items in Navboxes for a (  ·  ) separator
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