This section is part of the Weapon Mod by BalkondeurAlpha.

Crossbow (Shooting Weapon)Edit

The Crossbow is a Shooting Weapon from the Weapon Mod. In order to use it, you must craft both the Crossbow and the Crossbow Bolts it uses for ammunition. It functions in the same way as a vanilla Minecraft Bow, but has a larger range and the Crossbow Bolts are much more accurate when fired, increasing the damage.

Range: Farther than Bow
Damage: 17 damage when fully notched back
Deviation: Small (very accurate when aimed)
Ammo: Crossbow Bolts

A Crossbow can be crafted by placing a vanilla Bow*, four Iron Ingots, and two Wooden Planks in an arrow shape in the 3x3 crafting grid. Crossbow Bolts can be crafted by placing an Iron Ingot above a Feather in the crafting grid.

You can load the Crossbow by holding down the right mouse button. Once loaded, you can aim by holding the right mouse button again, and the Crossbow Bolt will fire when you release the button.

*Due to the Better Archery Mod included with the Life in the Woods modpack, the crafting recipe for the vanilla Bow has been modified. The new crafting recipe can be found by clicking on the word "Bow" anywhere in this article.Edit

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients

Bow x1

Iron Ingot x4

Wooden Planks x2

Crossbow Bolt
Crossbow bolt

Iron Ingot x1

Feather x1