This section is part of the Carpenter's Blocks mod by Mineshopper.

Carpenter's Door (Carpenter's Blocks)

The Carpenter's Door is a customizable version of the Door from vanilla Minecraft. A similar block from the Carpenter's Blocks mod is the Carpenter's Hatch.

Carpenter's Door

The Carpenter's Door can re-textured to inherit the appearance and properties of any block, and is highly configurable. Since a Door is a two-block structure, the top and bottom of the door can be individually textured for a more customized look.

Using the Carpenter's Hammer, you can cycle through different designs or even change the behavior of the Carpenter's Door! Right-click while holding the Carpenter's Hammer to switch the design of the Carpenter's Door.

In order of appearance (left to right):
Door Style 4, Door Style 5, Door Style 3, Door Style 2, Door Style 1

If you place another door adjacent (to the right) of the Carpenter's Door, both doors will automatically be rotated so that their handles face inward, and opening or closing one door will cause both to open/close simultaneously. No extra redstone required!

If you place the adjacent door to the left, then both doors will behave as separate entities.

Left-clicking the door with the Carpenter's Hammer will toggle whether two adjacent Carpenter's Doors will act as a single or separate entities.

Carpenter's Doors are not recognized by Zombies or Villagers as Doors, and they will not interact with Carpenter's Doors in any way. This is a great solution to noisy Zombies breaking down  your Door in the evening, as they will not attack Carpenter's Doors.

Changing Door Behavior

Sneak+right-clicking while holding the Carpenter's Hammer will change the door to act like a Wooden Door (default) or Iron Door.

Crafting Recipes

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Carpenter's Door

Carpenter's Block x6


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