This section is part of the Carpenter's Blocks mod by Mineshopper.

The Carpenter's Button, Lever, and Pressure Plate (Carpenter's Blocks)Edit

Many Redstone devices found in vanilla Minecraft can also be crafted using Carpenter's Blocks. In addition to potentially changing the visual appearance of these blocks, there are some functional changes that can be modified using the Carpenter's Hammer.

Carpenter's ButtonEdit

The Carpenter's Button is crafted from a single Carpenter's Block, and can accept any block as a cover for visual appearances. Despite the wooden frame used in its construction, the Carpenter's Button will function the same way as a Stone Button in vanilla Minecraft.

Carpenter's LeverEdit

The Carpenter's Lever is a customizable version of the Lever in vanilla Minecraft. The base plate of the Carpenter's Lever can take on the appearance of any block. The Carpenter's Lever is the same in function as its vanilla Minecraft counterpart.

Carpenter's Pressure PlateEdit

The Carpenter's Pressure Plate, in addition to accepting any block for its visual appearance, can also be altered to accept different triggers by using the Carpenter's Hammer.

Right-clicking on a Carpenter's Pressure Plate with the hammer will cycle between four possible trigger modes:

  • All Entities (same as Wooden Pressure Plate)
  • Players
  • Hostile Mobs (Monsters)
  • Peaceful Mobs (Animals)

Reversing Redstone PolarityEdit

The polarity of any Redstone devices made with Carpenter's Blocks (Carpenter's Button, Carpenter's Pressure Plate, Carpenter's Lever) can be reversed or inverted by left-clicking on it with the Carpenter's Hammer. This will cause any Carpenter's Blocks devices to behave as if they are "on" by default, without the need for a Redstone NOT logic gate.

Left-clicking on the device with the Carpenter's Hammer a second time will return the Redstone polarity to normal.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Carpenter's Button

Block x1

Carpenter's Pressure

Block x2

Carpenter's Lever

Stick x1

Block x1


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