This section is part of the Carpenter's Blocks mod by Mineshopper.

The Basics (Carpenter's Blocks)Edit

In order to get started with the Carpenter's Blocks mod, there are a few items we need to craft. These items are the Carpenter's BlockCarpenter's Hammer, and Carpenter's Chisel and will serve as the cornerstone to the mod itself.

Carpenter's BlockEdit

The Carpenter's Block is the basic building block of this mod. Every other block that you make in the Carpenter's Blocks mod will require the Carpenter's Block as a starting point.

Carpenter's Blocks can inherit the appearance and properties (flammability, blast resistance, transparency, etc.) of any other block in the game. Carpenter's Blocks can also come in a variety of shapes and be modified using the Carpenter's Hammer and Carpenter's Chisel.

Carpenter's Blocks are able to, in some cases, use two different block textures on the same block, allowing for a different inside and outside wall of buildings. They can also accept an additional overlay such as grass, snow, web, hay, mycellium, or vine for cool effects.

If you right-click on a Carpenter's Block using the Carpenter's Hammer, you will be able to create Slabs.

Carpenter's HammerEdit

The Carpenter's Hammer is one of two very important tools introduced by the Carpenter's Blocks mod.

  • Right-click to change the style of nearly any Carpenter's Block variants.
  • Left-click to change the polarity of any Carpenter's Block redstone devices.
  • Collapse or refill Collapsible Blocks to make customized slopes.
  • Sneak+left-click to remove any covers or overlays applied to a Carpenter's Block or its variants.

Carpenter's ChiselEdit

The Carpenter's Chisel is the second important tool introduced by the Carpenter's Blocks mod.

  • By left or right-clicking with the Chisel, you can etch custom patterns into any Carpenter's Block.
  • Sneak+left-click will clear the pattern you've etched if you want to erase it and try something new.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Carpenter's Block x5

Stick x8

Wood Plank x1

Carpenter's Hammer

Iron Ingot x3

Carpenter's Block x2

Carpenter's Chisel

Iron Ingot x1

Carpenter's Block x1


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