This section is part of the Better Storage mod by copygirl.

Cardboard (Better Storage)Edit

Cardboard is a material added by Better Storage. Cardboard can be crafted using 8 Paper and a Slimeball. The recipe results in four pieces of Cardboard, which can be used to craft Cardboard Boxes, Cardboard Armor, and Cardboard Tools.

Cardboard Boxes are portable storage objects that can be used only once. A filled Cardboard Box (9 inventory slots) can be picked up and placed down somewhere else one time, and breaking the box after it has been placed with consume the Cardboard Box and scatter any packed items on the ground.

Cardboard Armor and Tools are very weak, but can be recoloured. You heard right-- even the tools can be dyed a different color. As they are very weak, Cardboard Armor and Tools really only have use for things like team competitions, where you want the teams to be easily identified by color and may want an alternative to dyed Leather armor.

Cardboard Armor or Tools cannot be repaired or enchanted in the normal manner, and will require a Crafting Station. Additionally, all Cardboard Armor pieces must be repaired at the same time, and if you wish, you can also enchant all pieces at one time with a single Enchanted Book using the Crafting Station.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients

Paper x8

Slimeball  x1

Cardboard Box
Cardboard x8
Cardboard Armor
Recipe cardboardarmor

Cardboard x?

x4 for Boots
x5 for Helmet
x7 for Leggings
x8 for Chestplate

Cardboard Tools
Recipe cardboardtools

Cardboard x?

x3 for Pickaxe
x3 for Axe
x1 for Shovel
x2 for Sword

Stick x2*

*Only one Stick is required to make the Sword.Edit