This section is part of the Better Storage mod by copygirl.

Backpack (Better Storage)Edit

Backpacks are a portable storage item from Better StorageIn addtion to having 36 slots of available inventory space, Backpacks can also be worn in the chest armor slot and will show up on the player model's back when equipped.

Backpacks are made of leather and behave in the same way as leather armor, allowing them to be repaired, dyed, and enchanted. They will also take damage when a player is attacked or injured due to falling or fire, and will need repairing to prevent the item from breaking. Protection enchantments on a Backpack will function the same way as Unbreaking does on a tool, and will lower the chances of a Backpack taking damage.

If a player dies while wearing a backpack, the backpack will drop as a block and not an item, protecting the backpack itself and all the items inside from despawning.

It is also possible to open a Backpack being worn by another player if you stand close enough, though the inventory GUI will close if the player wearing the Backpack moves or turns around.

There is an upgraded version of this Backpack called the Ender Backpack , but it cannot be crafted and must be obtained through other means...

How To UseEdit

The Backpack can be used as a block or an item. Wearing it in the chest armor slot or opening it from the player's inventory will treat it as an item and open the Backpack's inventory space directly from the hotbar or an assigned key. The default hotkey to open the Backpack while wearing it is B. If the Backpack is in the hotbar, it can be opened by right-clicking while the Backpack is being held in the player's hand.

To wear a Backpack in the chest armor slot, the player must first unequip any chest armor and place the Backpack on a block. Once placed, the player can break the Backpack while sneaking to equip it. If the Backpack is broken while the player is not sneaking, the item will spill its contents onto the ground. To unequip the Backpack, the player must right-click on the ground with an empty hand.

A Backpack placed on the ground can be accessed just like a normal Chest.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients

Leather x7

Gold x1

Wool Block x1